About us

At Vadym Vasylenko Photography we strive to bring a unique and remarkable experience to the creation of images for you and your family.

We’re a husband-and-wife photographers team applying artistic vision and journalistic style in making your portraits remarkable. We approach every assignment extremely seriously and strive to achieve customer satisfaction bringing to the table innovative thinking and positive attitude. From the consultation, to the actual session and finally the development of your unforgettable images, we want you to have an experience to remember.

Our team is well balanced in covering any assignment because man's and woman's prospective are different, but having both worlds is precious. We are detail oriented and endeavor to capture not only the mood of the group, but emotions of individuals.

Whether you want to capture your family’s precious milestones or get striking images to market a product, you can rely on Vadym Vasylenko Photography to make it happen.


"The photography has become an essential part of my life. I thought that I could be just fine without it working my way up in sales and applying degree in marketing. However, time after time I had been coming back. I still remember brightness and shallow warmth of sunbeam caught on film with my first very own camera. I was 10 and I was learning the chemical magic of dark room and fickleness of film. Hundreds of thousands pictures later, armed with a state of art digital technology of ultra fast processor and mega sensitive censor I am still mesmerized with delight of sunset glow painted over feminine face.

I believe that the eye is the entrance to a photographer's creative soul. I love to capture moments of our lives that are too quickly sweeping away by the enduring march of time. Moments that should be cherished and frozen so that they would astound us time after time.

For me photography is the way of feeling, touching, loving. What I have seen through my lens is captured forever... little things with reflective meanings…

Successful, appealing image could not be created without observation. Finding something interesting in an ordinary place, showing astonishing insight of common populace is a key to gratifying picture."


"For me photography is a way of listening to life, a way of recording the story of a lifetime as it unfolds, moment by moment.. The camera has been a large part of my identity for many years. There is a thrill in trying to capture that perfect moment in time and preserving it forever. That elusive moment when the action is at its absolute peak or that mysterious instant when someone's whimsical expression tells you volumes about them.

I love being behind the camera! I also enjoy art and design, and this contributes in huge part to my photographs. I am passionate for digital post-production of our work that we offer to our clients. I believe that our clients, in essence, hire us to see their event through our eyes. It is our privilege to ensure that every meaningful detail is photographed in a relaxed, unobtrusive, artful way. It's also just as important to create a masterpiece album or slideshow, custom designed by us and specifically for each client.

I personally design each photo album that we offer our clients and retouch photos when necessary. The idea is not that you look retouched; the goal is you and your family should look your best!

I continuously keep up with latest technology in graphic design and retouching to ensure that your images will be incomparable.

Our documentary style combines illustrative portrait artistry and photojournalism. Let us tell your unique story through unequaled images that will be shared by generations. Our clients deserve the very best!"